Red Parry
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Company Name: Personal Interiors
Contact Name: Sherribeth Jameson Title: Owner
Phone: 480.503.3906 Category: Interior Decorators
Cell phone:    
E-mail: Date: 12/31/1969
    MLS #: 0
Company Details: Services: 1) Creative designs with form and function 2) Interior Recipes 3) Personal Consultations 4) Space Planning & Organization 5) Shopping Guides 6) Faux & Mural Painting 7) Holiday Decorating Products 1)Unique Window Treatments 2)Home & Office Furnishing 3) Shutters 4) Floor Covering 5) Area Rugs 6)Lighting 7)Unique Accessories 9) Frescos 10)Lamps 11)Foliage & Greenery 12) Unique Art 13) Wrought Iron & More!
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